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What we're up to in Malta

For the past month,since Tony got his Captain's ticket and I didn't we've both been working very hard - I know, boring, but actually not so boring really. It looks like the work Tony has been doing pounding the pavements and using his 'idiot style charm' has paid off. It looks like he's got 2 different companies here to take him on as a charter skipper, which is what he wants. This will be a great start on the road as a Commercial Sailor, and perhaps lead to what we are still hoping will happen for us - to run a boat for other people - 'paid pets' is what we call it. So I'm uploading a video of Tony bringing Alouette back from Marsaxlokk where he hauled it out and worked on the hull, repainting the bottom and polishing the hull. He's very happy with the progress he is making, and I am very happy for him. The other
The other video I'm uploading is of the maiden sail of Sang Royale. She is a 60' schooner owned and built by a very nice man c…

A few more pictures

Brother Richard and Jill come to visit
Tony's next 'sweet ride'
The Maltese Falcon

Long time - no blog

Checking the 'fit' of the sails.
Tony with his 'friends'.
Elvis is alive and well, and fishing in Malta.

It seems like a very long time since I've written anything on the blog. And it might have something to do with not feeling like we are being very 'adventurous' at present. Even though we are not having the type of winter we would have back home it still is winter, compared to the eternal summer we had been in for 18 months prior to arriving in Malta, and the sweltering September on our arrival.
Unbelievably we've been here for 6 months. And it looks as though we'll be here for the summer now.
I've been working for the past month remaking sails for a beautifully renovated schooner moored out in Msida creek. Its been hard work, and particularly hard to get up at 6.00am, walk to a bus stop, get on a bus and arrive at work at 7.30am, and actually get to work. I know, all of you working stiffs are thinking 'Oh, you poor girl, how do you cop…