Sunday, August 30, 2009

Arrived in Malta, August 31st

At last we have arrived in Malta, Gozo actually. We arrived here yesterday afternoon, tied up at the downtown fuel dock in Mgarr on Gozo, spent the evening in the local village where they were celebrating the life of the Virgin Mary in great style. The churches were all incredibly decorated as were the streets. We arrived in town to see marching bands who played really good music and left town to a spectacular fireworks show which lasted hours.
It was the perfect first day in Malta.
We have to leave the fuel dock now, at 06.30am before the business day starts and will head down the coast to meet up with my brother.
I still haven't figured out how to enter the saved text, but when we are settled in somewhere that is possible I'll do that and enter more pictures.

Monday, August 17, 2009

A sad day for me blogwise

Until today I have been writing my blogs in My Documents in between internet connections and then, when possible posting them when we have internet access. The way that I post them is by going into My Documents, highlighting all of the text and then copy and pasting into the posting template on the blogsite.

Unfortunately in between my last blog entry and now Tony unfortunately downloaded a windows upgrade and I can no longer copy and paste.

The reason I am posting this pathetic bit of news is that I have no way to post all of the stuff I have written between Lagos and now.

Already my frustration level has become very unpleasant and I think the best thing to do is give up and hope that someone who reads this entry will have some insight as to how I can get the text from My Documents onto the blogsite.

Remembering of course that I am only barely computer literate.

Anyway, we're in Spain on the fantastic Costa Brava in a place called Ifach. The marina we are in is nestled behind the most amazing rock, picture attached.

We intend to push off to Malta from here tomorrow morning.

It has been a very hard uphill slog from Gibraltar to here. For the last few days we have been anchoring wherever we can get out of the wind in the late afternoons and leaving our anchorages at about 3.00am so that we can put in some hours before we cannot take the beating anymore.

Its recommended that the further north one can get before heading east across the Med the better. Well we've had enough of trying to get north and we want to get to Malta by the end of August.

So we'll be out of touch until we clear in in Gozo, the first Maltese island we come to perhaps by the 24th August. So anyone who can help me with the blog entry cut/paste problem just e-mail and let me know please.

A sad day for me blogwise

A sad day for me blogwise

Thursday, August 6, 2009

From the other side of the 'pond'

So we are in Lagos, on the Algarve, Portugal. It seems almost unbelievable. We arrived 2 days ago, and are just beginning to feel less overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of people. We have come into a marina which has really nice facilities and it feels good to be still. Most of the way from Horta to here was fairly rigorous sailing, particularly the last couple of days. Usually we sail quite conservatively when the wind pipes up in the 20 - 30 range, but we were very keen to get here and the last day we sailed at sustained speeds of around 7 knots, and though at the time it felt like we were hurtling along a little out of control we are very glad we did it.

We arrived early afternoon and couldn't believe our eyes as we encountered so much hustle and bustle; a typical holiday resort. We are no longer seeing ocean going boats, but coastal cruisers. Coming into the inlet which leads to the marina we were dodging all types of boats, very few of whom observed any type of 'rule of the road'. We kept laughing all the time as we just couldn't believe our eyes.

(I'll complete this post later, have to go and say goodbye to our French/Canadian friends on Exiles. They sailed from Bermuda approximately the same time as us and we maintined ham radio contact with them most of the way across the Atlantic. Exiles is a very stout 28' sailboat which goes alot faster than we do.)

From the other side of the 'pond'