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For the past couple of days Tony has been back in Canada and I have been working on a new project . is a new blogsite which I'm using as a vehicle to help promote myself as a Charter Skipper for 'Women Only' sailing charters initially here in Malta and then who knows - if it becomes successful perhaps I'll charter boats in other locations and move around from location to location according to time of year. This is the start. I am happy with the company I have chosen to charter the boats from - Nautica, they have an excellent fleet and good reputation.
The focus of these charters is 'Cruise and Learn' at whatever level those women who come aboard want to participate.
I'm adding Saillikeagirl as a link to this website. Spread the word - the season kicks off here April or so and I'm looking forward to doing alot of sailing in 2011.
Also - any feedback on the site will be welcome and anything that I haven't covered let me know…