Wednesday, October 19, 2011

MoondancerX's Blog Revival

I know, I know its been 7 months since I last wrote anything on this blog - but those of you who've kept in touch through other mediums know that we've been very busy.
So I'll start with a short run-down on the past 7 months; none of which has really had anything to do with Moondancer which is why the news has not been entered herein.
Earlier this year - while Tony was still working for 'Cockroach' aka Malta Sailing Academy (see - this is my blogsite and I can say what I like)as a Sailing Instructor I launched Sail Like a Girl - Cruise and Learn Yacht Charters for Women. The launch and marketing of this venture took up alot of my time which was necessary as I didn't have a marketing budget - and in retrospect I received alot of help from certain people in Malta who believed in me - i.e. Vanessa MacDonald, a sailor and journalist in Malta who ensured that I received some very reasonable magazine and TV coverage - Simon Borg Cardona, owner of Nautica Yacht Charters who chartered his boats to me at a very reasonable rate and paid for 3000 brochures to be printed, Alfie Borg of the Hudson Group who made his flagship store available for promotion of Sail Like a Girl. Thinking back on it I had alot of tremendous support for this venture in Malta and feel badly that I did not stay with it.
BUT - When we were invited to join the Russian Yacht Scorpius as Skipper and Manager at a very nice salary for the trip of a lifetime on a fabulous 30 meter yacht there was no contest - what 'hot-blooded' sailor would not have dropped everything to join that voyage? And as it has come to pass 5 months later several'hot blooded' Russian sailors are lining up to join the crew without salaries - so we were ousted.
And that's basically it in the nutshell. If you want to ready more about either of those ventures see or for Scorpius website.
So we have come back to Moondancer - who was completely de-commissioned as we expected to leave her in the yard for a couple of years - and we are reviving her and hope to have her ready to set sail by next week.
We are now planning to head over the Atlantic to the Caribbean - aiming at Antigua where we will try to find work again as Charter Skippers and Sailing Instructors for the winter 'Summer' season. After that - who knows where we will go next. Maybe the Northwest passage route home - perhaps we'll see Scorpius coming the other way. We'll keep you posted.