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Congratulations Tony

Tony deserves congratulations - after a great deal of studying and practicing he showed the Royal Yachting Association examiner that he is an RYA Yachtmaster - Offshore. Our day with Steve, the examiner started at about 11.00 and finished at about 20.00. We had great weather - could have done with a bit more wind for the sailing component of the exam, but we had enough to do the job. We were very lucky to get such a nice weather window as we've been getting mostly too much wind.
The exam was a combination of engine knowledge, boat handling under sail and power, navigating with and without electronics, anchoring and some chart work.
Unfortunately I did not pass, and am very disappointed. I just seemed unable to do the job under examination, and I have to agree with his verdict. Yesterday I was not a yachtmaster.
I am however very happy for Tony. With this ticket he can now pursue a career in the world of sailing, which he has loved to do most of his adult life. And with our jo…