Antigua – 2 weeks later – we’re almost natives
Antigua is beautiful, and we haven’t seen very much of it yet – our anchor is dug in very well which is important as the ‘williwaws’ in this part of the bay are interesting to say the least. Many times when we look out into the anchorage its possible to see wind gusts on the water in different places and the boats anchored will all be facing in different directions according to which ‘williwaw’ they happen to be in. Its actually been pretty windy and gusty for the past few days. Also some rainfall – we leave
the water catcher up all of the time now, plumbed directly into the water tank. We still have to collect water in our jerry cans from the gas station, but its supplementing it, and it certainly changed our attitude towards rain. Now when it rains we don’t complain – Oh no not again; now we’re happy, the bigger the deluge, the more we like it.
Wish I had taken my camera with me a couple of days ago when new friends Dana and Joe took us to the market in St. Johns in the back of their truck – not the back seat, but the box at the back. Never done that before, it was alright once I got used to the feeling of not being quite as dignified as I usually like to perceive myself. We also went into the countryside on some pretty rough roads as Dana wanted to pick lemon grass which grows wild in the remote area we found – also guavas, which we picked and ate right off the tree.
We’ve been on another hike from English Harbour to Falmouth Harbour which goes over a couple of pretty big hills and the ‘path’, a word I use loosely is sometimes a difficult climb up over rocks where one is actually looking for hand and toe holds. Its worth it when you get to the top – there are remains of a couple of forts – sorry I can’t remember the names and am too lazy to look them up. Anyway when standing on the now quite overgrown gun implacements the view is spectacular. A couple of pictures are herein and I’ll put a few on facebook.
Speaking of pictures – each time we dive now I find the environment around me so incredibly awesome that it takes my breath away – almost makes me cry, and each time I wish I had a camera so that I could share those images that I see. That will be the next addition to our cruising equipment.
Yesterday was my 61st birthday. Unbelievable, but true. I know all of the old people say it and so will I – how did that happen? But then I look at those years and all that I have accomplished in that time - the wonderful family that I have and the fact that I am still game to cram as much more in to it as I can and I’m grateful. I know that I can be intolerant and grumpy and a bit of a loner, but I thank God for my life. And I thank all of the people in my life for tolerating and loving me.
Yesterday, not long after we got up and were in the cockpit about to have our second cup of coffee, along came a dinghy bearing a couple who were saying ‘yes that’s Moondancer’. And then the woman who I did not recognise at all said ‘Hello Nancy’. I usually remember the people I meet even briefly, but people we meet in the winter in Canada, completely covered up with clothes and hats are quite different from the ones we meet in the Caribbean, wearing brief bikinis, sunglasses and no hats. The couple are Jonas and Heather Marshall on Sea Otter. We met them when they joined the Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club. It was a meet and greet day where existing members welcome new members into the club. Heather had been following the blog at various times over the past couple of years, and so remembered me.
We drank pina colada sundowners on their boat and then continued our information sharing over drinks for a couple of hours. Most of the flags in this harbour are Canadian, but almost all of them are from Toronto, Montreal and the East Coast. So far the opportunity to meet with them has not arisen. This is not like Mexico when people dinghy around to other boats just to introduce themselves and say welcome. It feels like it may be an intrusion on privacy here.
That’s it for now – I’m going to make dinner. We plan to sail around the island in the next few days – see what all the fuss is about – especially Barbuda.
Just tried to upload pics and videos. Internet connection too slow. I'll put an album on facebook - its quicker.


Anne said…
Hola Amigos,
Glad you are enjoying Antiqua. We are enjoying our season in the sun in Mexico however not as much sun this season...its still warm and comfortable. Internet of and on so miss you on skype

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